How This Video Got Almost 8 Million Views

Dan Howell has been one of the biggest names on YouTube for the better part of a decade. When big names follow popular trends, the views are sure to roll in. It was no surprise when Dan’s “Roast Yourself Challenge” video got almost eight million views.

Here’s how Dan’s video got so popular.

1. It followed a popular video trend.

The “Roast Yourself Challenge” was created by popular YouTuber Ryan Higa. By tagging other big-time creators such as Lilly Singh to take part in the challenge, Ryan started a chain reaction of viral videos. Dan’s 7.8 million views were no different.

Here’s the video that started it all.

2. It was hilarious enough to make viewers watch again and again.

Dan’s rap confronted both popular hate comments and his own insecurities. Combined with his very British sense of humor, this created one of the most popular Roast Yourself videos. Dan’s loyal subscribers kept watching again and again.

Dan’s video even inspired several reaction videos.

3. It shook things up from the creator’s typical content.

Though Dan’s videos usually share the same sense of humor, he isn’t much of one for music. By shaking it up with a self-made rap, he caught the attention of both longtime subscribers and new viewers.

His videos are usually more along the line of this.

Dan Howell’s Roast Yourself Challenge got almost eight million views because he capitalized on a video trend. Follow these tips to help your next video go viral.

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