How This Gamer Became A Rising YouTube Star

Gaming channels are amongst the most popular content on YouTube. Some names stand out among others, such as Pewdiepie and Markiplier, with their significant viewer bases. There are also many rising YouTube gaming stars, such as H2O Delirious. His gaming content revolves around funny commentary and collaborations with other YouTubers such as VanossGaming.

These are the reasons why H20 Delirious has gained eight million subscribers on YouTube.

1. His gaming content is funny and entertaining.

H20 Delirious has created a ton of different videos, which, combined with his personality, give his viewers an entertaining experience. He focuses on making his gameplay videos filled with humour and interesting moments, which always leave his viewers laughing.

Below is an example of his gameplay content.

2. His collaborations are always a treat for viewers.

The gaming content he produces is hilarious and creative on its own, but when he collabs with other creators, it usually results in even more funny moments. His commentary along with the other Youtubers’ makes those videos particularly comedic.

Check out his collaboration with VanossGaming.

3. His thumbnails are creative and eye-catching.

H20 Delirious has a knack for creating videos with eye-catching thumbnails. This sets his channel up for millions of views when a new video is released because it shows his dedication to upgrading his channel content.

Below is an example of this with a hilarious video along with a thumbnail.

These are the reasons why H20 Delirious has gained a high number of subscribers on YouTube. His gaming content is humorous, and his commentary makes the videos even more entertaining. His collabs with other Youtubers and his video thumbnails give him quite a few views as well.

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