How Shane Dawson Gets Thousands Of Views On Every Single Video

Shane Dawson could very well be called the king of content creation. He’s been making videos since he was a teenager, and now, he still gets thousands of views on every single video he uploads.

Here’s how he does it.

1. He thinks outside the box with his video ideas.

When other YouTubers are reacting to viral videos or following the latest trend, Shane is off in his own little corner of the internet doing completely his own thing. By coming up with video ideas that no one has thought of yet, he intrigues viewers old and new.

Shane got more than a quarter million views in three hours after uploading this unique makeover.

2. He gives the viewers want they want.

Whether it’s trying girly products for the fifteenth time or playing with weird kids toys for the tenth, Shane never disappoints. When his viewers react well to a video, he’s willing to give them as much more as they want.

His newest video series involves trying dumb DIYs.

3. He keeps the same sense of humor that his subscribers first fell in love with.

Shane and his subscribers share an interesting sense of humor. No matter how much controversy he’s faced, Shane doesn’t let anyone keep him quiet. His viewers know that they can come to Shane’s channel for a great video and a good laugh.

This video make more than a million viewers laugh out loud.

Shane Dawson gets a consistently high number of views because he continues to provide the kind of content that his viewers want.

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