How This Video Got Almost 2 Million Views In A Single Day

CinemaSins is a popular YouTube channel with both film fanatics and casual viewers alike. The channel itself has more than seven million subscribers, and its most recent video reached the number ten spot on YouTube’s trending page within a single day of its upload.

Here’s how this video got 1.7 million views in a single day.

1. It’s about something extremely relevant in pop culture at the moment.

Disney’s live action remake of Beauty and the Beast was a big deal when it hit theaters. Now that it’s finally been released on DVD, it’s an even bigger deal. Diehard Disney fans can’t get enough of the movie, and Emma Watson’s international fan base ensures that her name alone keeps the movie in the news.

By making a video about an incredibly popular movie, CinemaSins created a video with a massive built-in audience.

2. The video has a sense of humor that most anyone can appreciate.

The sense of humor behind CinemaSins isn’t too crude to alienate YouTube’s mainly younger audience, but it also isn’t so G-rated that it turns adults away. By striking the right balance in between, this video becomes something that a wide and diverse audience can enjoy.

3. The video is the right length to cover its topic without going overboard.

It would have been so easy for CinemaSins to make a commentary video over the entire Beauty and the Beast movie, not to mention lots of fun for the creators. However, by keeping the video under twenty minutes, CinemaSins gave the audience just enough to keep them laughing without getting bored.

CinemaSins created a trending video by basing it on a popular movie and striking the right balance with its humor. Follow these tips to get your own videos climbing the charts.

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