How This YouTuber Surpassed 700,000 Subscribers

Alyx Weiss has been creating YouTube content for seven years now. In January, she surpassed 700,000 subscribers to her channel, Ayydubs.

Here’s how she did it.

1. She puts her own spin on popular formats.

Prank videos are constantly trending on YouTube. Whether they’re staged or real, pranks draw in hundreds, if not millions, of viewers.

Alyx occasionally creates prank videos of her own, incorporating other trendy topics like Uber and online dating.

2. She collaborates with other popular YouTubers.

Alyx is best friends with vlogger Jenn McAllister, who is better known online as JennXPenn. The two often appear in YouTube videos together on both channels.

3. She gives her viewers more of the kind of videos they like best.

Like any good YouTuber, much of Alyx’s content is based on what her viewers want to see. When she films a video that her viewers particularly enjoy, such as the time she reviewed weird Amazon products, she makes plans to release a similar video soon after.

Ayydubs has more than 700,000 subscribers because it’s a channel where the viewers get what they want. Alyx’s content is laid back and relatable, which is why so many viewers love to tune in.

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