How This Video Got Almost 2 Million Views In 2 Days

YouTube stars Shane Dawson and Alisha Marie have wildly different channels. While Alisha focuses on clean-cut lifestyle content, Shane made his name off of brash comedy. However, they’re both huge fans of each other’s videos, and when they teamed up, they created a collaboration that hit YouTube’s trending page.

Here’s how this video got almost two million views in two days.

1. It’s a collaboration that viewers have been waiting to see.

A few months ago, Shane revealed on his podcast that he was obsessed with Alisha’s daily vlogs. He then had her join him as a guest, and fans of both creators began to request that they make a YouTube video together as well.

2. It takes a new spin on some of their most popular content.

One of Shane’s most popular recent video series is “Trying Dumb Life Hacks.” On her channel, Alisha has been creating back-to-school videos. They combined their video ideas to create a collab that viewers from both channels would love.

3. They created a second collab video that led viewers back to this one.

Shane and Alisha also created a video for her channel. They again combined one of Shane’s popular video series (in this case, weird food) with Alisha’s back-to-school content. This video gained another two million views.

Together, Shane Dawson and Alisha Marie created a video that got nearly two million views in just two days. By making something that appealed to viewers from both channels, they guaranteed themselves a spot on YouTube’s trending page.

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