How This Actress Gained 2 Million Subscribers

Actress Shay Mitchell is best known for playing Emily Fields on the hit television series Pretty Little Liars. However, she also has an active YouTube channel on which she posts everything from travel vlogs to recipes.

Here’s how Shay Mitchell earned two million subscribers.

1. She branded her channel with three distinct video series.

Most of Shay’s videos fall into three main categories, which are described in her channel’s about section. “Shaycation” videos take viewers along on her international excursions, whereas “Through The Lens” videos allow viewers to follow Shay in her daily life. She also shares her favorite recipes in “Shay’s Kitchen.”

By describing her content specifically in her channel’s about section, Shay ensured that viewers knew exactly what they could expect from her channel.

2. She established a strict upload schedule.

Shay’s about section also lets fans know that new videos will be uploaded every Tuesday. Though she occasionally uploads more often, Shay tends to stick to the schedule that she established right off the bat.

3. She shares exclusive content with her fans.

Shay didn’t give up acting when she decided to pursue vlogging as well. Instead, she decided to give her viewers an inside look at celebrity life, often taking her camera behind-the-scenes on set and at awards shows. Fans can only find the exclusive footage on Shay’s YouTube channel.

Shay Mitchell built up a YouTube audience of more than two million subscribers by sharing exclusive and scheduled content with her viewers. Her acting and vlogging careers, in turn, support each other.

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