How This Video Got 400,000 Views In A Single Day

Formerly of Smosh fame, YouTuber Anthony Padilla is venturing out on his own on his personal channel. He’s been working with other vloggers and trying lots of new things, all of which have led to thousands, if not millions, of views. His latest video got more than 400,000 views the day it was uploaded.

Here’s how the video got so many views so quickly.

1. He collaborated with a more popular YouTuber.

Anthony wasn’t about to try to make a dog sweater on his own. Instead, he enlisted the help of fellow vlogger Phil Lester, who has more than twice as many subscribers as Anthony on his AmazingPhil channel. By collaborating with a vlogger who has more subscribers than he does, Anthony drove a lot more traffic to his channel.

Anthony also joined Phil and his friend Dan for a video on AmazingPhil.

2. He incorporated his pet in the video.

Phil wasn’t Anthony’s only collaboration partner. The real star of the show was Rue, Anthony’s girlfriend’s dog. Viewers loved watching Anthony interact with his furry friend.

Jenna Marbles is another YouTuber who’s learned that videos featuring pets get more views.

3. He stepped out of his comfort zone, resulting in plenty of laughs.

Anthony most certainly isn’t a Pinterest whiz. However, if he only did the things that he was good at, then his channel would get very boring very quickly. By stepping out of his comfort zone, Anthony created a video that plenty of viewers could relate to.

Anthony’s Walden-inspired video got half a million views for the same reason.

Anthony Padilla’s latest video got hundreds of thousands of views in a day because he and his collaboration partner created something completely original.

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