How This Girl Gained Almost A Quarter Million Subscribers

Anna Campbell is an up-and-coming YouTuber who now resides in Los Angeles. She has more than 200,000 subscribers, and she’s part of two different collaboration channels.

Here’s how Anna Campbell gained almost a quarter million subscribers.

1. She made videos about topics hardly anyone else was discussing.

Plenty of YouTubers discuss their own anxiety, but not many go into depth about the ins and outs of mental health. Anna, however, decided to fill that niche by bravely discussing the realities of mental health in depth.

2. She joined a collaboration channel.

When her channel first started gaining steam, Anna decided to audition for Tana Mongeau’s collab channel, Trash. While Trash was still active, Anna uploaded weekly videos and made lots of videos with the other contributors. Being a part of Trash helped Anna bring a lot more attention to her own channel.

3. She started her own unique collaboration channel.

Anna met her girlfriend Natalia through Trash. Now that they live together in Los Angeles, they run a collaboration channel of their own. The girls post to Natanna twice a week.

Anna Campbell gained almost a quarter million subscribers through a collaboration channel. Incorporate similar moves into your own channel to watch your subscriber count grow.

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