How Shane Dawson Entertains 10 Million Subscribers

Shane Dawson has been making YouTube videos for more than ten years. He’s considered somewhat of a legend on YouTube, with many up-and-coming vloggers counting him as their main source of inspiration. Now, he operates on his Shane channel, which has become more popular than his original channel, ShaneDawsonTV.

Here’s how Shane Dawson continues to keep ten million subscribers coming back for more.

1. He creates popular series based on his own personal interests.

Shane doesn’t just replicate what every other vlogger is doing. Always a champion of originality, Shane often creates videos about what he finds interesting. If the video becomes popular enough, he turns it into a series.

One of Shane’s most popular video series is his conspiracy theories. Many smaller vloggers have incorporated this format into their own videos.

2. He interviews other YouTubers and online personalities to investigate different lifestyles.

Many vloggers make “infotainment” videos with no more than a quick Google search. Shane, however, seeks to really get a grasp of what he’s making a video about. He often tries to find an “expert” to interview, whether it be in person or over Skype.

He always links to his guest’s channel or other social media in the video description to give him or her credit.

3. He makes the kind of videos that he would be excited to watch.

When it comes to making videos, Shane never holds back. Whether it’s turning chip bags into a pool float or trying Amazon products with his cat, Shane is up for just about anything. His excitement makes his viewers all the more excited to watch his videos.

Shane has been making a lot of videos with his rescue cat, Cheeto.

Shane Dawson has more than ten million subscribers because he’s turned his channel into a community for the wacky and wonderful. By making the kind of videos he’d be excited to watch, Shane keeps millions coming back for more.

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