How JennXPenn Became A YouTube Star

Jenn McAllister, who is better known as JennXPenn, has almost three million subscribers on YouTube. She’s been making videos since 2009, and she has served as an inspiration for many aspiring vloggers.

Here’s how JennXPenn became a YouTube star.

1. She signed a YouTube partnership deal.

In 2013, after she had already been doing YouTube for quite some time, Jenn signed a partnership deal with AwesomenessTV. This deal enabled her to move from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, California, opening up a whole new world of career opportunities.

If you’re offered a partnership deal or sponsorship opportunity, really consider how it may affect your career. If it will take you in the direction that you want to go, then be willing to take that risk.

Here’s one of Jenn’s newest AwesomenessTV videos.

2. She does frequent collaborations with her friends.

Because she’s been doing YouTube for so long, Jenn has a lot of vlogger friends. Living in Los Angeles, she gets to spend more time with them than she did earlier in her career. Because they share the same passion for videos, Jenn and her friends often film collaborations.

Don’t film a collaboration just to film a collaboration. Working with your friends will make the videos more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Check out this collaboration that Jenn filmed with Ricky Dillon.

3. She thinks outside-the-box with her video ideas.

Jenn’s videos are so out-of-the-box that they often start video trends. She’s responsible for several different prank calling trends.

In order to make a great video, try something that you haven’t seen on YouTube before.

Check out Jenn’s “Prank Calling Snack Companies” below.

4. She starred in a YouTube Red series.

Jenn stars in the YouTube Red series Foursome. This project helps bring attention to her channel and gives her a different filming experience without even having to leave the comfort of YouTube.

Seek out opportunities to work with YouTube Red productions. You’ll get more experience in front of the camera and make meaningful connections with other vloggers.

Here’s a blooper reel from Foursome.

JennXPenn is a longstanding YouTube star. Follow in her footsteps if you want to become an internet legend in your own right.

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