How This Video Got 140,000+ Views In A Day

Lisa Schwartz has been doing YouTube for a long time. She has more than two million subscribers, and her daily videos get thousands of views. One of her most recent videos got more than 140,000 views the day after it was uploaded, which was more than twice as many views as some of her other recent videos received in a week.

Here’s how Lisa Schwartz’s video got more than 140,000 views in a day.

1. She took a break from her typical content style.

Typically, Lisa makes five videos a week, with each day dedicated to a different series. She retells creepy crime stories and tries out “girly” products. However, this week, Lisa decided to take a break from her schedule and vlog instead.

2. She introduced viewers to her boyfriend.

Lisa was previously in a very high-profile YouTube relationship with popular vlogger Shane Dawson. However, after their very public breakup, Lisa kept her romantic life private. In a previous video, she finally told her viewers that she had a new boyfriend, whom she’d been seeing for over a year. Many loyal viewers jumped at the chance to meet him.

3. The video followed up another popular video that she recently made.

The day before uploading this video, Lisa posted another, more personal vlog. That video really got her audience’s attention, and “The Boyfriend Tag!” followed up on some of the things that she’d talked about in her previous video.

Lisa Schwartz’s video got more than 140,000 views in a day because she took a break from her usual content to involve her viewers in her personal life.

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