3 Video Ideas That Will Bring In A Lot Of Views

YouTube content can be pretty diverse, but there are several different types of videos that always seem to get a lot of attention. These video ideas have been used by everyone from the top content creators all the way down.

Here are three video ideas that will bring in a lot of views.

1. Don’t save your paranormal experience for Halloween.

Paranormal storytimes get a ton views whether it’s Halloween or not. There’s something about the supernatural that just captivates viewers’ attention. If you’ve ever played with an Ouija board, lived in a haunted house, or encountered a ghost, then you’ve got a story your viewers will be dying to hear.

2. Share your favorite products.

Many viewers turn to YouTube to find out which beauty products they should try next. If you’ve got a new lipstick that you’re loving this month or a moisturizer that you can’t live without, why not share it with your viewers? Plenty of vloggers share their favorite products in monthly videos.

3. Test out a wacky product.

TV has given the world a plethora of products that it didn’t know it needed. From late night infomercials to Shark Tank, there are plenty of weird and wonderful gadgets that you can test out and review for your audience.

Certain kinds of videos are popular on YouTube because they hold wide appeal. Try out one of these ideas in order to bring more viewers to your channel.

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