How Lady Gaga Became A Pop Icon

It would be pretty hard to find someone who’s turned on a radio in the past ten years and hasn’t heard of Lady Gaga. Even after a brief hiatus, Lady Gaga is one of the biggest names in pop music today.

Here’s how Lady Gaga became a pop icon.

1. She made music her priority early on.

Lady Gaga grew up writing her own songs and performing at open mic nights. She dropped out of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in order to completely focus on her music career. Though she wasn’t yet signed to a record label, she dedicated all of her time and effort to the pursuit of her dreams.

2. She broke into the music industry as a songwriter.

Lady Gaga’s vocal talent wasn’t recognized early on in her career, but her writing skills surely were. When she was dropped from a contract with Def Jam Records, Lady Gaga went to work as a songwriter for Sony. There, she was able to sign with Interscope Records.

Lady Gaga released her debut album, The Fame, in 2008.

3. She followed up her debut album with an EP.

The Fame ignited Lady Gaga’s career with hits like “Poker Face.” In 2009, she followed up her debut album with the EP The Fame Monster. This project produced “Bad Romance” and “Alejandro.”

Lady Gaga became a pop icon because she made getting to the top of the music industry her priority. Her willingness to work as a songwriter first opened up the opportunities that turned her into a star.

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