How This TV Show Took Over YouTube

The Tonight Show has been a late-night talk show since 1954, but since Jimmy Fallon took over in 2014, the show has found a new format: YouTube. With over thirteen million subscribers, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has made a name for itself on YouTube.

How did this TV show become YouTube famous?

1. It cuts the interviews into segments.

Not all interviews are great to watch the entire time. Having a YouTube channel for the show allows editors to split the interviews up into segments–allowing the viewers to choose what part of the interview they want to watch.

2. There’s a diverse amount of content.

Jimmy Fallon changed the culture of talk shows by turning them partly into game shows. He plays different games and challenges against celebrities, allowing for a large amount of enjoyable content.

3. They post a lot of videos at once.

People love celebrities. People also love seeing celebrities play games. The Tonight Show gives viewers the chance to see this and a lot more. With the high number of videos uploaded several times a week, viewers always want to watch more.

The emergence of Jimmy Fallon gave The Tonight Show a chance of going from a normal TV show to a successful YouTube channel. They did this by cutting the show into small segments with a large amount of enjoyable content that viewers can never get enough of.

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