How This Duo Became One Of The Most Popular YouTube Channels of All Time

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, more commonly known as Smosh, are some of the best-known YouTubers around. Over the years, Smosh has been the highest viewed YouTube channel three different times and is currently the seventh most viewed channel with over 22 million subscribers.

How did these two become some of the greatest YouTubers ever?

1. Their comedy is perfect for younger generations.

All kids and teenagers have a unique sense of comedy that is not always easy to master. However, Smosh, ever since their beginning, has been able to make kids laugh with everything that they do.

Kids cannot resist their comedy.

2. Their videos are short and addictive.

With lengths of about five minutes, their videos are long enough to be entertaining but short enough to leave the viewers wanting more. Viewers cannot help but click from video to video, never getting enough.

3. There is always plenty of content.

Since they have been around for over ten years and post multiple times a week on multiple subchannels, Smosh has plenty of content for everyone to enjoy. No matter what people want, they will be able to find it.

Smosh has been one of the top channels on YouTube since the beginning. They do this because they mastered the comedy that younger generations want, their videos are short and it is easy to binge watch them, and they have plenty of content for viewers to enjoy for a long time to come.

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