How This YouTuber Reached 11.8 Million Subscribers

In 2010, Michael Stevens created the YouTube channel Vsauce, where he talks about different scientific theories, as well as technology and gaming. On his main channel, he teaches scientific ideologies to over eleven and a half million people in the YouTube community.

How did Vsauce get to teach so many people?

1. He mixes science with comedy.

Even for science lovers, teaching science can get boring from time to time. Vsauce makes up for this by adding comedy into his videos.

He makes jokes and has fun with what he does, which gives the viewers enough entertainment to keep watching.

2. He teaches his viewers a lot.

Though his videos are longer than some people want, usually around 10-20 minutes, Vsauce covers a lot of information in one video, and it is easy to retain what he teaches.

The viewer learns a lot, but it’s never too much to be overwhelmed.

3. He covers a wide variety of topics.

Science covers a lot of material, and so does Vsauce. From psychological matters to planets to interesting mathematical concepts, Vsauce covers enough topics for his viewers to always find something new.

It is not easy to teach science, especially through a video. However, Vsauce does a great job at it. He does this because he is funny, and he teaches a lot of different types of information, leaving his viewers always wanting more.

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Patrick Jahnke is a college student at Wabash College. He hopes to be a writer and professor after he graduates.

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