How This Trio Used YouTube To Make It Big As A Band

In 2010, three men got together to bring string music to life. Glen McDaniel, Nick Vilalobos, and Zack Clark joined together to create Simply Three. They have wowed audiences and expanded their online presence with their impressive videos.

Simply Three has a range of music from classical Puccini to covers of popular music. Their videos are uploaded to YouTube almost every month. The attribute their success to numerous things.

1. They get video ideas from their subscribers.

YouTube artists who stay on top of their subscribers have a greater chance of expanding their popularity to other venues. Simply Three has used YouTube to get ideas for new videos. Subscribers have come up with some great ideas.

Simply Three was on Tedx Talks, and many of their subscribers loved the glimpse into their lives.

Here is the video of their Tedx Talks

2. They cater to fans of an eclectic range of music.

Simply Three shares their love of music by sharing it with others. Their range of music covers everything from Gershwin to Adele, U2, and Twenty One Pilots. Musicians on YouTube have found having an eclectic range of music styles allows for more subscribers to find their page. Simply Three caters to many different styles.

Here is one of their more popular videos.

3. They do occasional collaborations.

Simply Three has loved collaborating with other musicians. Collaborations allow for a meeting of the minds when it comes to music. Each musician brings something new, and it makes an amazing video.

Here is a video from a collaboration Simply Three has done.

4. They go beyond the music.

Simply Three doesn’t turn down any option that comes their way. Renowned publications such as Huffington Post and Rolling Stone have shown their support of Simply Three. The band has gained more popularity from their experiences on YouTube.

They still post videos every month and have been touring around the country. They even do behind the scenes videos to show their humanity to their subscribers.

Here is a behind-the-scenes video that viewers loved.

Simply Three is one of many bands that used YouTube to make it big in the music industry. Follow these tips to bring more attention to your own music.

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