How This Acapella Singer Became A YouTube Star

Mike Tompkins has taken over YouTube with his incredible acapella and music producing skills. At a young age, Mike wanted to improvise his own acapella sound and create his own videos. With a little luck and some great mixes of music, Mike has reached over 200 million viewers.

1. He makes use of his acapella talent.

Acapella has become quite popular in the world because of Pitch Perfect and TV shows such as The Sing Off. Mike has started branching off from his covers of popular songs to remixes and mashups. His latest video has seen 200,000 views in two days!

Here is his most recent video cover of Ed Sheeran.

2. He stays connected to his family.

Even though his talent has reached viewers worldwide, Mike Tompkins still makes his wife his first priority. They have a new baby, and Mike puts his family first. He doesn’t let his fame take him away from what matters to him most.

Here is a surprise he did for his wife.

3. He does plenty of collaborations with others.

Mike has discovered that one of the best ways to grow his following is collaboration. Collaboration requires work from both sides. Mike uses his production skills and acapella talent with his collaborators.

Here is his collaboration with Christina Grimmie, another YouTube star

4. He takes time for subscribers.

Mike has found that his followers are extremely important to him. He posts videos every month and takes the time to do chats with them. Mike has made some great strides in keeping his followers. He and his wife are even doing vlogs to show their adventures in parenting. This has made Mike an endearing part of the YouTube world.

Here is a video showing his loving personality with his wife and child.

Mike Tompkins is the epitome of a strong YouTube artist and loveable personality. YouTube is a great place for anyone to come together and share a love of music and videos.

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