How Conceptz Got On The Path To Fame

Conceptz is a brother duo from upstate New York. Founded in 2011, the duo is still dominating the competition. Here is how Conceptz got on the path to fame.

1. They started with a single.

In 2011, Highrowglyphfox and Short Fuze launched their music career with the single “Roll It Up.” The single received minimal success, and it was the start of Conceptz’s rise to the top. Thier first mixtape, “Euphoria,” had a song that landed a spot on MTV’s 10 On Top.

Listen to “Roll It Up” here.

2. They took a hiatus to build up a catalog of music.

After the release of their first single and the follow-up mixtape, Conceptz took a hiatus from releasing music to build up an extensive catalog of new material. When they returned to the music scene in 2013, the duo released several more mixtapes and singles and traveled across the US and Europe performing. They even performed at the BET Awards Afterparty.

Check out one of their most popular music videos below.

3. They got the attention of the Grammys.

The duo’s successful return captured the attention of the music industry icons behind the Grammy Awards. Conceptz was put on a ballot for the Best Music Video nomination.

Watch one of their attention-grabbing videos below.

Conceptz has continued to release new music and collaborate with mainstream artists such as Wiz Khalifa. These two talented musicians are quickly flourishing into superstars.

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