How This Social Media Star Grew A Subscriber Count Of 600,000+

JessiSmiles isn’t your average YouTube star. This Viner-turned-vlogger forgoes perfect lighting and fancy editing tricks for a more laid-back, storytelling-style channel.

Here’s how JessiSmiles earned more than 600,000 subscribers.

1. She got her start on a different social media platform.

Before she was a YouTuber, Jessi was one of the biggest female Viners on the internet. She grew an audience of more than three million Vine followers, which taught her how to manage and maintain a large following.

While you’re working on your YouTube channel, it’s a good idea to increase your presence on another social media platform as well. You could brand yourself as an Instagram model or a viral Twitter comedian.

Listen to Jessi discuss her transition from Vine to YouTube below.

2. She created a second channel to keep her audience growing.

As her YouTube following grew, Jessi decided that she wanted to start a second channel in order to grow her audience even more. After polling her current audience, she found that starting a makeup channel would be an ideal venture for her.

If you’re ready to diversify your content, then you should consider starting a second channel. There, you can cultivate an entirely new viewing audience.

Check out one of JessiStyles’s videos below.

3. She hired a video editor to help her meet her goals more efficiently.

As both of her channels continued to grow, Jessi found it harder to keep up with her content. In order to keep her channel on track, she hired a video editor to help with both channels.

If editing videos takes too much time out of your schedule, then consider hiring a little extra help.

Here’s one of the videos that Jessi’s editor helped put together.

JessiSmiles is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the YouTube comedy community. Follow these tips to start growing your presence online.

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