How Maroon 5’s New Video Generated 65 Million Views

Maroon 5 is a pop band that’s been around for quite some time. They’ve gone platinum several of times, so it shouldn’t come to a surprise when it comes to how many views they’ve received.

Here’s why “Cold” got more than 65 million views.

1. The video followed plans to release an album.

Adam Levine stated in January that Maroon 5 planned on releasing an album sometime this year. The album was also said to be R&B influenced.

Check out the video.

2. The band is making waves with a recent hit single.

Maroon 5 currently has a hot song out called “Don’t Wanna Know” featuring Kendrick Lamar. This song is hyping up fans, who keep asking the band when their new album will release.

Here’s the video.

3. They collaborated with a rap sensation.

In today’s music, rap is exploding throughout all genres. Therefore, it was a no-brainer for Maroon 5 to team up with one of the biggest rappers today, Future. “Cold” is their new hot song, and it has been doing numbers on every chart and exploding on YouTube.

Check out the video for “Cold.”

For an artist, collaborating with an artist that’ll benefit you the most will help get your name and music out faster. It will also help you establish a fanbase from the artists you work with.

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