How This Social Media Star Gained 4 Million Subscribers In A Year

Lele Pons may be only twenty years old, but she’s already a force to be reckoned with online. This rising star got her start on Vine, and now she’s making a huge name for herself on YouTube.

Here’s how Lele Pons gained more than four million YouTube subscribers in just a year.

1. She’s been building her career since she was fifteen.

Lele started filming for Vine when she was fifteen. She soon became the first person to reach more than a billion loops on Vine. Now, she’s using everything that she learned on Vine to create awesome YouTube videos.

Take a look.

2. She sticks to what she’s good at.

Lele became a Vine start thanks to her hilarious skits. Now, she creates the same type of content on YouTube. Each video takes an everyday problem and turns it into a laugh-out-loud dramatization.

Here’s one of her latest masterpieces.

3. She works with a production company.

Lele’s channel is both managed and produced by Shots Studios. This partnership led to higher production quality and easier promotion for Lele. She worked with Shots Studios to make her YouTube launch successful.

Here’s the first video they released.

Lele Pons’s YouTube channel wouldn’t be as successful as it is now without her Vine skills and her production team. Her social media career is just getting started.

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