3 Fast Tips For Better Video Editing

Video editing comes with a definite learning curve. However, editing your own videos doesn’t have to be a struggle. It’s easy to teach yourself and learn from watching other content creators.

Here are three tips that will quickly make your video editing better.

1. Collect plenty of b-roll to cover up your mistakes.

When you’re filming a new video, you’re bound to make a few mistakes. Maybe you’re sitting awkwardly for a sentence or not making eye contact with the camera. However, it’s easy to cover these mistakes by pasting other footage over the audio track.

B-roll footage is the extra film that you capture in relation to your video, such as product close-ups or “bloopers.” When you film, get a few extra shots of yourself so that you have extra footage in case of a mistake.

Here’s a video on capturing the perfect b-roll footage.

2. Don’t rely on jump cuts.

Plenty of popular vloggers rely on jump cuts when editing their videos, but these quick cuts often appear unnatural and annoying to the viewer. Instead of cutting together a bunch of clips, get creative with your camera angles.

Film several takes of your video from different angles. Do a wide shot, a close-up, and different profile shots. You can take the camera high or low or even play around with the framing. This way, you can change angles rather than creating jump cuts when you edit.

Check out this video to learn about different camera angles you can try.

3. Keep your editing tight.

When it comes to video editing, don’t let your shots lag. One long, drawn-out silence or awkward pause to think can make a viewer click off just as quickly as he or she came in. To prevent your videos from dragging, keep your editing tight.

Cut out any awkward pauses or random tangents. Coverup breaks in the audio with b-roll or by switching to a new angle. Your end result should be eye-catching and fantastic, not slow or awkward.

Learn more about keeping your editing tight by watching this video.

Video editing should be fun, not frustrating. Follow these tips to become a better video editor overnight.

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