What You Can Learn From The Top 3 YouTube Channels Of All Time

YouTube is a numbers game. The most popular vloggers have the most views and make the most money. However, what’s to say that you can’t rise to the top just like they did?

Here’s what you can learn from YouTube’s top three content creators.

1. Like PewDiePie, grow your channel within a niche.

Though he makes all different kinds of content now, PewDiePie got his start by making gaming videos. By starting in a niche, he was able to build up a strong and loyal subscriber base. As his numbers started to rise, non-gamers began to wonder what all the rage was, and they fell in love with his videos, too.

Now, PewDiePie has more than 54 million subscribers.

2. Like HolaSoyGerman, just do what you love.

Not only is he the second most popular channel on YouTube, but HolaSoyGerman is also the biggest Spanish-speaking channel. Viewers all over the world go crazy for both his original songs and his comedy videos.

HolaSoyGerman has more than 31 million subscribers.

3. Like JustinBieberVEVO, you can use music to reach people.

Justin Bieber’s Vevo channel is the third most popular channel on YouTube. His music videos speak to people all across the world, whether they be diehard fans or just casual listeners. Even if you’re not a singer, you can use music to create parodies or perform lip dubs.

Bieber has more than 28 million subscribers.

In order to become a top creator, you should learn from the best. Start with these channels and then explore what makes the content you love so popular.

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