How This Social Media Star Became A Successful YouTuber

Since the end of Vine, some of the personalities that made their name through the platform have fallen off the map. Luckily, Gabbie Hanna of The Gabbie Show has found a way to change her formula from the ten second Vine video to the infinite possibilities of YouTube.

Here is how Gabbie found success on YouTube just as she did on Vine.

1. Open up to your viewers.

Through the Vine platform, creators are only allowed so much time to get personal with their fans. YouTube’s format suits vloggers looking to show a side of themselves that other social media don’t allow.

The Gabbie Show has expanded from ten-second laughs to honest discussions garnering thousands of comments from viewers.

2. Be self-deprecating.

Viewers are sometimes able to see through vloggers who take themselves too seriously. Gabbie’s self-deprecating humor often leads to some of the best fan responses.

YouTubers must take note of how to work hard at being a compelling vlogger while also having a sense of modesty. Gabbie never lets a big number of subscribers go to her head.

3. Work with others to create even better content.

On Vine, Gabbie only had so many seconds to communicate with a collaborator in front of the camera. However, with YouTube, it is important to present great videos with other people. Once you show that you can work with others, more vloggers will want to connect with you on new projects.

Gabbie collaborates with Superwoman, Miranda Sings, and other YouTube phenomenons.

The Gabbie Show made a huge splash when she launched herself into the vlogosphere through Vine. YouTube has helped her focus on creating more content while working with more people. Like Gabbie, YouTubers should reveal themselves, collaborate, and build content to create a loyal, diverse fan base.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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