4 Ways To Make Money Through Live Shows

You know your music is good. Every time you see the Beatles poster on your wall, you dream of making it big like them. On the other hand, you need to make few bucks to keep it going. So how do you go about it? Live shows could provide you the extra money you need for this.

Here are 4 ways how live shows will help you make money:

1. Concerts at homes

Don’t feel less of yourself because you are performing for a smaller audience. The best part is that you can engage with the audience, get to know your fans and establish a relationship with them. Apart from making money, the chances of getting more gigs through your fans are pretty good through this.

2. Busking

There is nothing to be ashamed of busking. Playing in front of a stadium or a movie theater or an event venue will fetch you good money. You get good visibility while you make some extra money. When your music is good, what’s stopping you?

3. Merchandising

Obviously one of the proven ways to make money is through selling your merchandise. T-shirts, coffee mugs, bags, keychains, posters etc are bought during your shows and sometimes even afterwards. Put a price list and the image of your brand near to the merchandise sale.

4. Sponsorships

Honestly, it might be a little difficult but if you could get it done, it’s totally worth it. If you are performing live in a bar, get a beer brand to sponsor your instruments or any other merchandise. It could also be any other sponsor whom your target audience can relate with.

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