How Lilly Singh Earn Over 10 Million Subscribers

Every YouTuber is looking for subscribers. They are the benchmark in which YouTube stars measure their success. Canada’s Lilly Singh, aka Superwoman, has over ten million subscribers.

Many vloggers think that achieving subscribers means being ruthless on their way to the top. Superwoman, however, proves quite the opposite. Lilly’s hilarious posts range from skits to motivation for her fans.

Take note of Superwoman’s use of positivity to inspire future vloggers.

1. Use real life experiences.

Storytelling can always use a healthy dose of imagination, but when a story is based on a topic of interest, then viewers will notice a vlogger’s sincerity.

On her channel, Superwoman tells a story of growing up a big wrestling fan and channels that experience into a funny skit. When a vlogger talks about something personal, viewers will find it more universally funny.

2. Include the family.

Lilly Singh’s funniest moments draw on funny moments shared with her parents. She uses these moments with her family as the basis for many of her skits.

Families are fertile ground for humor. Even though everyone has different families, vloggers can act out funny moments from family activities that viewers will be able to relate to.

3. Motivate your viewers.

One of Lilly’s greatest strengths is her ability to motivate her viewers. Great vloggers send positivity to their viewers.

Be more than a laugh. Help viewers navigate their path in life. Not all vloggers are life coaches, but viewers are often searching for cheerleaders. Be the voice that pushes viewers to succeed in their dreams.

Lilly Singh is the perfect teacher for vloggers looking to make others laugh. It is important to draw on personal interests or experiences while remaining imaginative. Motivate others to be all that they can be. Vloggers who care about their viewers receive the same love right back. Keep people laughing, stay positive, and the subscribers will come.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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