4 Fun Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel

A lot of vloggers concentrate their video promotion on certain social media strategies. However, if you’re willing to get creative, there are plenty of ways that you can take your video promotion into the real world.

Here are four fun ways to promote your YouTube channel.

1. Hold a giveaway for your subscribers.

Everyone loves free stuff. Plenty of major vloggers hold giveaways in which their subscribers can enter to win a MacBook or a camera or another expensive prize, but smaller vloggers can hold successful giveaways, too. You can give away a collection of your favorite makeup or a backpack full of school supplies. Remind your viewers that only those who are subscribed can enter.

Haley Croft is growing her channel with a back-to-school themed give away.

2. Plan a meet-up in another city.

If you’re already planning to travel out of town, why not take the opportunity to host a meetup with your subscribers? You can setup a meeting place in a big city nearby or in a farther away place that you’re vacationing to. Your current subscribers will love the chance to hang out with you, and you can encourage them to spread the word and bring their friends.

Evan Edinger vlogged about a meetup he and his friends held when they traveled to Australia.

3. Set a goal for your subscriber count.

A great way to really bring up your subscriber count to set a goal with something special for your viewers at the end. Whether this is a huge giveaway when you reach 20,000 subscribers or a video they’ve been begging for when you hit 50,000, any goal that you set for your fans to reach will encourage them to promote your channel alongside you.

4. Create a meme based on your videos.

Many vloggers fell victim to the YouTuber storytime meme that was popular a few months back. However, for many of them, this brought a lot more traffic to their channels because new viewers wanted to hear the stories that inspired the memes. Creating a joke based on your own videos or sharing ones that your viewers create will do the same for your channel.

Daniel Howell made an entire video about the memes that his fans made for him.

Promoting your channel doesn’t just have to mean tweeting video links and hoping for the best. Try out one of these ideas to make video promotion fun for both you and your viewers.

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