How this “Simple” Science Channel Has Grown Over The Past 5 Years

MinutePhysics has been entertaining the YouTube world since June of 2011, and since that time, the science channel has accumulated over 3.7 million subscribers. From getting just a few hundred views on his videos, to a few million, creator Henry Reich has proved capable of running a successful channel and reaped the benefits of a long-term expansion.

Here’s how he did it.

1. He explains complicated video topics in the simplest of terms.

Henry Reich prides himself on explaining the most intricate and complicated parts of the material world in the simplest terms possible. While he has remained constant in doing so over the past five years, he has perfected his explanations so that his videos are more easily understood and absorbed by his audience. By doing so, he is allowing his channel to engage more fans and continue to grow.

Check out his video titled “Why You Should Care About Nukes” below.

2. He has titles that make viewers think.

Over the years, Reich has become an expert in crafting interesting and intriguing titles. Some of Reich’s most watched videos are those that include a fairly obvious, yet somehow tricky title that works to hook a potential viewer. For example, the words “How to Subtract by Adding” are very easy to understand. yet the actual concept of subtracting by adding is enough to make someone scrolling by pause, and better yet click on the video itself.

Watch how Reich master the art of adding here.

3. He alternates single videos with a series of episodes.

One of the most recent additions to the channel has been a series of episodes in which Reich dives more deeply into a subject than he can do with just one video. His most recent series, titled “The Big Picture,” includes five episodes in which Reich explores the physics behind time and entropy. Providing variety such as this on the channel switches things up for the fans and ensures that subscribers continue to come back for more.

Check out one of the episodes from the newest series here.

Keeping a channel growing for five years is no easy feat, but by remaining true to his goal, including head-scratching titles, and switching up his content, Reich has proved fit for the task. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to watch your channel expand.

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