How This Crossover Artist Made It Big Online

David Garrett considers himself to be a crossover artist. He started playing the violin at four years old and made his first appearance with the Hamburg Philharmonic at ten. By the time Garrett reached his teenage years, he acquired a contract with a recording company.

He moved to New York to work at his already impressive musician career. At Juilliard School, a very prestigious arts school, Garrett met with Itzhak Perlmann, who helped his musical career explode into the world of arrangements and crossovers. YouTube has been a boon to Garrett’s popularity. and there are a few reasons why.

1. He supports other aspiring artists by working with them.

David Garrett has used his talent to show young artists that they need to be strong in their studies with their instruments and yet have fun. Garrett has been making videos showing how he supports the arts and young artists as well.

This video shows some of the work that he has done with young children as well as his journey to stardom.

2. He helped classical music become less stale.

David Garrett believes traditional classical music is a great way to train a musician. Musicians who want to make it on YouTube and the music industry by doing covers or compilations of music need to have a grasp of music theory and the classical artists. This has really boosted his popularity because Garrett has shown skills in making the classics his own.

Here is Garrett’s rendition of Beethoven’s Fifth

3. He takes roles beyond his musical skills.

David Garrett has posted videos showcasing his skill, which got him interested in doing musical scores for movies. Because of his talent with music and the violin, Garrett was asked to play the first “rock star” violinist Niccolo Paganini.

Paganini and Garrett hold a special connection because both musicians became popular because of their success as violinists. Garrett believes that any opportunity (within reason) that comes your way should be explored.

This video shows Garrett’s connection between Paganini and himself.

David Garrett shows that hard work and a passion for music can help someone expand beyond his or her comfort zone. It is possible to gain popularity as long as one continually works at his or her craft.

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