How This Rock Band Uses An Online Presence To Grow Its Fanbase

Styx was formed in 1972 with six members. They have been rocking together for over two decades, playing an average of one hundred shows a year. Today, older bands are having to move a lot of their presence online because the younger generations are almost totally online. People who go to concerts are beginning to see a real connection between popularity and a greater online presence. Styx has been seeing this evolution in the past few years.

This is one of their more popular songs.

Here’s how Styx is using an online presence to grow its fanbase.

1. Videos offer better sound quality than traditional albums.

When Styx began, concerts relied wholly on electronics to reach wider audiences. Now that electronics and music has become digital, the sound quality is better. Bands can create albums that sound as good as when they are sung in the studio.

This video looks at the difference between digital and analog music.

2. They place popular songs on television soundtracks.

Styx has noticed that many of their fans are young and weren’t even born when their albums came out. This is due to many TV shows putting some of their more popular songs on their episodes. When the song is featured on an episode, the younger generation can Google the song quickly and download the respective music.

This video shows one of their connections to a popular TV show.

3. They promote a different sound than modern music fans are used to.

Many of the new age bands are using digital sounds to change their music. Many newer singers also use reverb or digitally enhance their voices to create a certain sound. The younger generation is beginning to notice that older music is quite different than it is today. The people who are considered “classic” in the realm of music had real talent and could play their instruments.

Newer bands aren’t considered less talented, but the listeners can tell the difference between talented musicians and those who use too many digital add-ins to their music.

Jimmy Fallon recreates oldies rock videos.

Styx doesn’t mind the recreations and the covers that have shown up on YouTube. They are honored that their music is still popular. They also know that having an online presence is key to their continuing popularity.

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