How This Band Made Two Successful Albums

The xx has more than six million monthly listeners on Spotify, two successful studio albums, and one more record on the way. The band’s distinct sound and lyrics can absolutely serve as an inspiration to other musicians.

Here are a few reasons why this band became a musical sensation.

1. They provide listeners with something they’ve never heard before.

The two singers of The xx, Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim, each have extremely distinct voices. When combined, the results are even more unforgettable.

Furthermore, third member Jamie Smith’s unique production and musical arrangements allow the band to create a sound unlike that of any other musician today.

It is an impressive thing to create a completely unique sound in today’s music industry. Try your hardest to do so; try to provide listeners with something they have never heard before.

2. They create visually striking music videos to promote each album.

The music video for “On Hold” has more than ten million views on YouTube. The xx effectively uses powerful visuals to complement and enhance their music.

Music videos are important because they allow you to advertise your albums and create an artistic visual component. Always try to create music videos that will complement your music and make it even more striking.

3. They draw inspiration from their personal lives to create meaningful music.

The xx has stated that their second album, Coexist, was largely inspired by club music. Band members stated that during the gap between their first and second albums, they were partying more frequently to make up for the time lost during the creation of their first album.

When creating music, allow yourself to be inspired by your personal life, whether that means your love life, your friends, your social activities, or anything else.

The xx’s third album, I See You, will be released in January of 2017. Follow these tips to become a musical sensation in your own right.

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