How This Rock Band Sold Over 50 Million Albums Worldwide

In 1992, the band blink-182 was formed. Since then, the New York Times has stated, “no punk band of the 1990s has been more influential than blink-182.” They have sold over thirteen million albums in the US and over fifty million worldwide. But how did this rock band become so successful?

Here are some reasons people love Blink-182.

1. Their music is a mix of genres.

Though they are called a rock band, their music is more of a mixture between pop and punk music. Pop-punk is even a musical genre today, largely due to the sounds of blink-182.

Their music has nice pop melodies, but it also incorporates the fast-paced, harder-sounding punk rock.

2. Their lyrics are relatable.

A lot of blink-182’s songs are about love, family and friends, and girlfriends. These are topics that a lot of teenagers love listening to, and it is relatable to them. For older crowds, the band has songs about being mature when you grow up and the impacts of divorce.

People hear blink-182 songs and automatically think about things going on in their own lives.

3. Their lyrics are catchy.

With a mixture of how good the music sounds and how easy it is to learn the lyrics, blink-182’s songs are very catchy. When they come on, the room can do nothing less than sing along to every word and have a great time.

Blink-182 changed how people listen to rock music. They gave listeners a new form of music that sounds amazing and has content that people can relate to. Whenever they come on, everyone sings along. It is not a surprise that they have sold over fifty million albums worldwide.

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Patrick Jahnke is a college student at Wabash College. He hopes to be a writer and professor after he graduates.

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