How Taylor Swift Rose To The Top In Two Genres

In 2006, Taylor Swift became the youngest artist to write and perform a number one song on the Hot Country Songs chart. Her album reached number five on the Billboard 200. In 2009, her second album became the best selling album in the US, won four Grammys and she became the youngest Album of the Year winner.

In 2014, she switched genres to pop and released an album that had three number one songs and won three Grammys, winning her a second Album of the Year. But how did Taylor reach the top in two genres?

Here are a few reasons people love Taylor Swift.

1. She sings about personal things.

In a lot of her music, Taylor Swift sings about personal matters going on in her life. She sings about boys, relationships, breakups, feuds with other artists, and more. Because she is singing about these personal issues and how they make her feel, her fans can relate to the lyrics.

The fans love her honesty and love music they relate to.

2. Her music is catchy.

Whether someone is a fan of Taylor or not, they cannot argue the fact that her songs are catchy. No matter what song it is, country or pop, or when she released it, when it comes on, everyone has to sing along, and they are happy doing it.

3. She has a personal relationship with her fans.

Taylor Swift and her fans almost have a personal relationship. She gives out a best friend vibe that everyone loves to see. She tries to be a role model and show people how happy one can be when they are nice to everyone around them.

Her fans love her as a friend, and she shows them that love back.

Since she was a kid, Taylor Swift was destined for greatness. She has won several awards, many of which she was the youngest ever to do so, and this is not a surprise. Not only is her music catchy, but listeners can relate to what is being said in her songs, and she has a friendship type of relationship with her fans. Whenever Taylor is around, everyone is happy.

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