How This Band Catapulted Its Career With YouTube

Walk off the Earth is a Canadian-born group of musicians who are pushing past the limits of normal music videos to create fresh, inviting, and impressive videos that are unlike any other. The members are Marshall, Sarah, Gianni, Taylor, and Joel Cassidy. They each mark their talents by singing, playing, percussion, or all of the above. Walk off the Earth has used YouTube to catapult their career by a few tips.

This is one of Walk off the Earth’s earliest videos. It shows their impressive talent with tools and music.

1. They encourage subscriber interaction.

Walk off the Earth keeps their subscribers happy by posting new videos and letting their subscribers take a glimpse behind the curtain of creating videos. YouTube artists have found that only posting music videos isn’t reaching as many subscribers as it used to.

Walk off the Earth is showing their subscribers that they care about them by posting vlogs and answering questions.

This video is a funny equivalent of their version of a question and answer session.

2. They use found materials to create unique sounds.

Walk off the Earth is considered an organic type band that uses materials all around them to create unique sounds.

Many of their videos also give viewers a unique look into what it takes to make music. Their lyric videos are even creative.

This lyric video is interestingly done because it uses real pictures and materials instead of just computer graphics.

3. They show off their musical talents with covers.

Walk off the Earth became famous when their cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”. What was interesting about this video was the entire group plays the song on one guitar. As they keep creating new covers, they use their instruments in new and unique ways.

This video shows their talent with instruments.

Walk off the Earth used YouTube to catapult its music career. Follow in their footsteps down your own path to fame.

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