How This Rock Band Revamped Its Popularity With YouTube

Dream Theater is a metal band that was formed back in 1985. Their music has been considered on the oldies rock station for years, but they are becoming more popular on the YouTube front.

Here’s how the band used YouTube to revamp its popularity.

1. They posted to YouTube when deals with traditional studios didn’t work out.

John Petrucci, considered one of the top 10 best electric guitar “shredders” of all time, helped form the band with John Myung and Mike Potnoy. They have collaborated with other artists including artists Queensryche, Rush, and Lizzy Hale.

They bounced around different studios in the early years after their first few albums fizzled out. They started putting their albums online after they saw the internet sites becoming the popular route for artists.

This was the first video they posted on YouTube.

2. They released albums earlier for subscribers.

Dream Theater posted their most recent album, The Astonishing, straight to YouTube and their website. It helped garner more publicity for the album before it was able to be purchased on iTunes or other online venues. They collaborated with Lizzy Hale, which spread their name to people who follow her.

This is that ingenious video featuring Lizzy Hale.

3. They reached their fans on a more personal level through videos.

Dream Theater is now reaching a bigger fanbase because they are posting videos that are more personable with their fans. Without MTV showing how music videos are made, YouTube has become an opportunity for bands to promote themselves.

Dream Theater has made a living by creating worlds with their music and lyrics. With the power of YouTube. they have been able to show the intricacies of the album along with art and storylines in a visual sense.

Here is a video that looks at this visual success.

Overall, Dream Theater has become even more successful by using YouTube to expand their fanbase. They have millions of viewers and each video brings about new subscribers.

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