How This Channel Became A Viral Sensation

Epic Rap Battles of History became an internet sensation after pairing historical figures against each other. This channel was created by Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist. Peter was already a YouTube personality when he decided to grow his fanbase. Lloyd was an emcee and when they met on a freestyling porch in Chicago.

They connected on a different level and decided in 2010 to create altercations between two characters suggested by their improv audience. Thus, Epic Rap Battles of History was born. They decided to digitally create these battles for YouTube and their success has rebounded ten-fold.

The video that made them a viral sensation was “Adolf Hitler vs. Darth Vader.”

Here’s how Epic Rap Battles of History became a viral sensation.

1. They expand on familiar stories.

The most interesting thing about ERB is that after they reached viral status, they began doing popular television and movie character battles. They have asked their subscribers to come up with characters to battle each other. They have battled historical figures to literary characters as well as using political characters against each other.

This video shows a historical character vs a literary character.

2. They share the behind-the-scenes with their fans.

ERB has expanded their fanbase by letting their subscribers go behind-the-scenes to see what it takes to create one of their videos on their new channel ERB2. This has been quite popular for individuals who want to know how to create new interesting videos. It shows the struggles as well as what it takes to create one video.

This video shows what they are working on for futures seasons.

3. They expanded their success to other media outlets.

With their success on YouTube, ERB also made an official website where their fans can vote on who wins. They feature extras from the videos as well as footage and bloopers during filming. Their success on YouTube is popular on a wide variety of media.

This video shows a new spin on political troubles.

ERB turned their success into a thriving business. They have merchandise and music sales from their popularity. Their story truly shows that ordinary people can be successful on YouTube.

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