How This Quartet Became World Famous

In the year 2000, a group of four vivacious young women decided that the world needed to experience a new vision of string musicians. Amadeus Electric String Quartet was born.

Andrea, Naomi, Patricia, and Bianca are all classically trained on their instruments. They started studying their instruments since they were 6 years old and continued to increase their talent by going to some of best schools of music in Romania.

In 16 years of performing, they have discovered a few tips that have kept them popular all over the world.

1. Practice a versatile production style for live performances.

The ladies have pulled together two different types of appearances. They have one concert concept that is all instrumental with background tracks and choreography. The other is a live band retrospective. This allows the ladies to play their instruments with vocals and backup singers. They are considered very elegant in whatever venue they are performing in as well as being exceedingly versatile.

This video shows their versatile production style

2. Stay on top of trends in popular music.

When Amadeus started out, they played music that was “classic” for their instruments. Within the last few years, however, they have taken some of the more popular music and made it their own. This is key for new upcoming musicians. To make a splash in the music world, covers are a good place to start and then moving out from there.

Here is a video of their cover of popular rock songs

3. Be open to expanding your artist name and look.

The ladies of Amadeus have beautiful looks behind their musical personality. Two of them were models and have won awards for their fashion trends. Numerous fashion and makeup brands have used Amadeus to model their desired looks.

The ladies of Amadeus have also made a name for themselves because they are open to creating new pieces of music for the areas in which they are performing. They are from Romania, but they have created music from other cultures to show their reverence for where they are performing.

Here is a video of their versatile musical sounds.

Amadeus is consistently expanding their work and have consistently seen their views expand on YouTube. Their subscribers are increasing daily as well. YouTube is a great place to bring musicians of the world together.

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