How This Video Attracted Over 15 Million Views in 3 Months

In late October 2016, the YouTube channel Facts Verse released a video titled “7 Photos To Test Your Intelligence” that has since accumulated over 15.4 million views. The channel itself has been successful as well, with just over 2.5 million subscribers, but it still begs the questions, how did this one video attract so many views?

1. They make you compete with yourself.

Titling a video “7 Photos To Test Your Intelligence” is without a doubt a challenge. While it may not be publicly known whether or not you pass the test, the title inspires a bit of competition with yourself, and encourages viewers to click on the video, and see if they can pass all seven challenges.

2. They change up their content often.

No challenge would be interesting without a little variety. The creators of Fact Verse knew that in order to get more views, they needed to include some easier photos as well as some more difficult ones.

By doing so, audience members are more included to watch the video all the way through, and they share with friends to see if they can beat the challenge, thus boosting views.

3. They offer up the explanations viewers want to hear.

Just in case a viewer wasn’t able to beat the challenge, Fact Verse provides an explanation with both the answer to the problem, as well as why some people may not have been able to solve it. This explanation not only adds some content to make the video longer, but it also helps the struggling viewer better understand why they weren’t getting it before, instead of leaving the video completely dissatisfied.

If Facts Verse teaches content creators anything, it’s that human nature prevents viewers from during down a good challenge. Add a little competition to your next video to boost views, but don’t forget to switch up the difficulty and include an explanation. Follow these tips and watch your next video go viral.

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Kelsey Leaman is a senior at American University in Washington D.C. studying Economics and International Studies. She is passionate about writing, Lemonade, and Michelle Obama.