How This Producer And Filmmaker Built Up His Channel

Kurt Hugo Schneider has kept his channel going strong since late 2007, and he has shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon. With just under 8.2 million subscribers, Schneider has proved capable of being a successful music producer, filmmaker, and singer, time and time again.

Here’s how he does it.

1. He partners up with other YouTube stars.

There’s no doubt that collaboration is a great way to get noticed on YouTube, and Scheider has capitalized on this knowledge by teaming up with creators all across the internet. From Christina Grimmie to Victoria Justice, Schneider’s collaborations with the stars have attracted fans from each one of his partner’s channels and helped him reach a combined 2 billion views on his videos.

Check out his most popular video featuring Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie here.

2. He caters to aspiring artists.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Schneider’s channel is not only his partnership with stars but his willingness to feature lesser known artists that are searching for a way to break into the music industry. Schneider uses his video talent to film covers of popular tunes, performed by a wide variety of talented singers who are awaiting their big break. By doing these collaborations, Schneider gains an enormous following from aspiring artists who believe that Schneider might just be the key to making it in the music industry.

Watch Scheider scout for new talent and material in the video below.

3. He plays around with video effects.

As a filmmaker, Schneider clearly knows how to entertain his audience using unique visual effects. Some of his most watched videos have included visual doubles, with which Schneider assembles an entire acapella team featuring only himself. This kind of technique not only entertains the audience, but it also draws in even more viewers and potential subscribers.

Watch one of Schneider’s acapella videos below.

Kurt Hugo Schneider is no stranger to success, and he has shown no indication of slowing down his popularity anytime soon. By sharing the spotlight and testing out new kinds of video effects, Schneider has successfully hooked his audience and kept his subscribers returning week after week.

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