How Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” Has Remained Atop Billboard’s Hot 100 For 5+ Weeks

For the past 5 weeks, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” has held its strong position atop the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, and at the rate it’s going, it’s hard to imagine the single falling from number one anytime soon.

Here’s how he did it.

1. He shows a new side to his music.

In his latest release, Ed Sheeran steps away from his usual slow and romantic musical style, and he adds in an edgier, more upbeat vibe in “Shape of You.” The new rhythm not only makes the listener want to dance but listen to it again and again.

While it can be difficult to step out of your comfort zone, switching up your musical style is definitely worth it when you consider the new fans you may attract with the new beats.

Watch the lyric video for “Shape of You” here.

2. He includes fun and lighthearted lyrics.

Ed Sheeran surprised his fans when he announced that the song was originally written for Rihanna, but after singing the lyrics, “Take my hand, stop / Put Van The Man on the jukebox / And then we start to dance,” he realized the song was better suited for himself. These lyrics offer a new perspective of Sheeran as a charismatic Casanova and keep his fans amused throughout the entire song.

While songs with a deep, emotional meaning have found their fair share of success, occasionally adding in more breezy, lighthearted lyrics can be a great way to show a new side of yourself.

Check out the official music video for “Shape of You” here.

3. He teased the song before it was released.

Several weeks before “Shape of You” was officially released, Sheeran took to Twitter and Facebook to provide his fans with samples of the upcoming single. These posts not only excited his fans, but they also had them engaging with the teasers by speculating as to what the new song would be about.

Teasers are incredibly important as they give fans a reason to keep a look out for your music, without giving them too much information before the actual release.

Check out one of Sheeran’s popular teasers below.

No one can say for certain how long Sheeran’s new single will remain in the limelight, but with the level of excitement still exuding from its fans, it’s hard to picture it losing its number one spot anytime soon. Follow these tips and you’re next single is sure to witness similar success.

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