How This Popular Channel Sustains 5 Weekly Uploads

Rhett, Link, and the entire team behind Good Mythical Morning have been uploading five weekly videos for several years now. However, they’re very careful not to sacrifice video quality for quantity.

Here’s how GMM sustains five weekly uploads.

They plan their videos out with a content schedule.

Production companies like Mythical Entertainment plan their uploads out weeks or even months in advance. They determine what videos are going to be uploaded when. They map out holiday episodes, serial content, special guests, and standalone videos into a content schedule.

Having a content schedule enables them to prepare for filming well in advance. Because they’re not throwing an idea together at last minute, the art department, culinary department, and other crew members have plenty of time to design a lot of cool things for the show.

They pre-film according to a production schedule.

Once they have a content schedule in place, the Mythical Entertainment production team can plan out a production schedule. Having a production schedule enables them to pre-film videos weeks or even months before they’re scheduled to be uploaded.

Having a production schedule also enables them to record multiple videos in the same day. So, rather than spending an entire work day on a ten-minute video, the team can knock out several days’ worth of content.

After every video they film, they plan to film for their second channel as well. The Good Mythical More videos are more relaxed but still bring in a ton of viewers.

They take breaks between seasons.

The Mythical Entertainment team treats Good Mythical Morning as if it was a daytime talk show. Therefore, it’s divided into seasons, and they schedule periodic breaks from uploading new videos. Each break lasts only a few weeks, and they inform viewers of their anticipated return date.

They end every season with a special series looking back at their favorite moments. Then, all of the videos from the past season are organized into a playlist for viewers to enjoy. Fans can find playlists of all the past seasons on the Good Mythical Morning channel.

Good Mythical Morning sustains five weekly uploads by working off both a content schedule and a production schedule. Taking breaks between seasons also helps the team manage such frequent uploads.

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