How This Author Used Her Expertise To Start A Successful Channel

Tons of people all across the world turn to YouTube for advice, tutorials, and instruction to guide them through anything they want to learn. This gives anyone with a specific area of expertise the opportunity to grow and audience by sharing what they know.

Author Alexa Donne has gained more than sixty thousand subscribers by sharing what she knows about writing and the publishing industry. Here’s how she used her expertise to start a successful channel.

She makes her credentials public.

Alexa Donne is a published Young Adult author with several years of experience in the publishing industry. To ensure viewers they can trust her advice, she makes her credentials public in the about section of her channel.

She also links to her books in her video descriptions so viewers can see concrete proof of her experience as an author. Many of her video titles also introduce her as an experienced author, such as the one below.

She focuses in a very specific niche.

Alexa doesn’t stray from her area of expertise. Instead, she makes all of her videos within the same narrow niche. Her videos focus exclusively on book-related content.

While all of her videos are in the same niche, Alexa covers a wide variety of topics. Not only does she talk about writing advice, but she also does reading vlogs, book reviews, and author live streams.

She answers a lot of viewer questions.

Alexa’s audience is filled with aspiring writing, up-and-coming authors, and other people who are interested in the publishing industry. Therefore, a lot of her videos are made in response to commonly asked viewer questions.

Alexa even poses her video titles as questions sometimes. Viewers who search similar questions or keywords can find her videos and the answers they’re looking for easily.

Alexa Donne used her expertise as an author to start a successful YouTube channel. Thousands of aspiring authors and book fans continue to benefit from the content she creates.

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