How This Pop Star’s New Song Got Over A Million Views In A Day

Hailee Steinfeld made it big with hits like “Starving” and “Love Myself.” The audio of her latest release, “Most Girls,” got more than a million views on YouTube within a day of its release.

Here’s how “Most Girls” is starting its climb up the charts.

1. She teased the song on Instagram a few days before it came out.

It’s no argument that Instagram is one of the best ways to reach your younger fan base. To get her followers excited for a new song, Hailee posted a short audio clip of “Most Girls” a few days before it came out on iTunes.

Check out the post below.

ACTUAL sneak peak of MOST GIRLS Out FRIDAY ✨????

A post shared by hailee steinfeld (@haileesteinfeld) on

2. She released the song on a weekend.

Hailee dropped “Most Girls” on a Friday night. By scheduling her release for the end of the week, she gave her fans something to look forward. This helped build up anticipation for her new song.

3. She created a Spotify playlist to promote her new song.

Hailee teamed up with Spotify to create a playlist for “Most Girls.” By mixing up her song with similar music, she hooked listeners who might not have otherwise heard her music.

Hailee Steinfeld’s “Most Girls” is poised to take over the Billboard charts. This pop princess knows how to plan for her success.

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