Free Ways To Promote Your Next Music Release

Major artists bring up their music sales by promoting their new releases as much as they can. However, not every rising star can afford to plaster his or her face across billboards or travel to New York City to be interviewed on The Tonight Show.

Here are a few free ways that you can promote your next music release.

1. Encourage your viewers to share their own versions of your album artwork.

When Katy Perry dropped her latest hit “Bon Appetit,” many fans’ favorite part of the song was her adorable picnic-themed cover art. They began to create their own versions of the image, and Katy willingly shared her favorites on Twitter.

Here’s one Photoshop masterpiece that Katy retweeted.

2. Pin a promotional tweet to the top of your profile.

In the days leading up to the release of “Most Girls,” Hailee Stienfeld had the tweet she used to announce her next single as her pinned tweet. That way, anyone who visited her profile would see the news about her new song first.

Here’s the tweet that she pinned.

3. Hold a Twitter chat for your fans.

Every time he boards a plane for an international flight, Heffron Drive frontman Kendall Schmidt does an #AskKendallSchmidt with his fans. He answers questions about upcoming shows and what’s in store for his band.

Promoting your music doesn’t have to cost you more than a few minutes. Head to Twitter to engage your fans in a conversation about your new music, and your next release is guaranteed to be a success.

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