3 Fast Videos You Can Make In 1 Hour Or Less

Creating bi-weekly or even daily videos is one of the best ways to increase your viewer count. However, creating that many videos can seem like a daunting task. You want videos that are easy to film, but you don’t want to bore your viewers by creating the same kinds of videos every other YouTuber is doing.

However, you don’t have to compromise creativity for convenience. Here are a few quick videos ideas that you can film in under an hour.

1. Try out a goofy new app.

The app store is filled with plenty of quirky and somewhat ridiculous apps. Download a free one and record your reaction to whatever adventures the app may take you one.

Dan and Phil recently tried out FaceApp on their gaming channel.

2. Invent your own challenge.

Just about every major YouTuber has done “Draw My Life” or the Ice Bucket Challenge, but what kind of challenge would you like to see them complete? Get the next viral challenge started by inventing your own for an original video.

RCLBeauty101 invented the gross cupcake challenge.

3. Share some embarrassing memories

One thing that’s especially unique to you is your embarrassing memories, so why not share them with your viewers? Whether it’s the story of a first date gone wrong or the worst MySpace photos of all time, your viewers will love to laugh with you.

TheAmazingPhil shared the story of his first breakup, chatlog style.

Creating a great video doesn’t have to consume all of your time. You can film all three of these videos in under an hour, and you’ll be all set on content for the next few days.

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