How To Create An Epic Storytime Video

Storytime vloggers are among the latest and greatest creators in YouTube. From Tana Mongeau to Natalia Taylor, YouTubers who can tell a good story are growing exponentially. Best of all, storytimes are the kind of video that anyone with a camera and something interesting to say can create.

Here’s how you can create an epic storytime video of your own.

1. Choose a unique incident from your life that you can relate in an interesting way.

Just because you haven’t been arrested at Coachella or messed with an Ouija board doesn’t mean that you don’t have any interesting stories to tell. A good storyteller can take even the smallest incident and turn it into something viewers will watch until the very end.

A good storytime is all in the delivery. Storytime queen Tana Mongeau got more than a million views on a video about losing her favorite purse by being as dramatic as possible.

2. Hook viewers with a clickbait title.

No one is going to watch a video with a title like “I Went On One Date And Decided We Were Better Off As Friends.” However, the story you actually have to tell may be well worth watching. This is where clickbait comes in handy. A dramatic title gets viewers to click on your video, but what you actually have to say keeps them watching until the very end.

Jessi Smiles’s video wasn’t about the worst thing that’s ever happened to her, but her story definitely left viewers feeling some second hand embarrassment on her behalf.

3. Keep telling the kind of stories your viewers want to hear.

Think about the stories you tell the way you might think of what a songwriter writes about. If Ed Sheeran stopped writing love songs, would his music be as popular? If Justin Bieber decided to pick up the banjo and become a country star, how many of his fans would follow? If your channel starts to grow when you start telling a specific type of story, such as dating fails or paranormal stories, keep telling as many as you can.

The popularity of Loey Lane’s paranormal storytimes was unexpected, but it helped grow her beauty channel a lot.

A great story is all in how you tell it. Follow these steps to start growing your channel by sharing the stories your viewers want to hear.

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