How These Vloggers Got Their New Music Video Trending

Some days, it seems that all anyone on social media can talk about is Team 10. The nine-member team of social media stars is responsible for launching the careers of the next generation of online icons. Founder Jake Paul has released a music video, and now, two more Team 10 members are dipping their toes in the music industry.

Here’s why Tessa Brooks and Erika Costell’s music video for “Powerful Emotions” reached #11 on YouTube’s trending page.

1. The singers built up strong social media followings before launching their music careers.

Tessa has 2.6 million YouTube subscribers, and Erika already has almost three million. Though they’ve only been in the spotlight for a few months, the girls have grown huge audiences through daily vlogging and collaboration.

By concentrating on their social media careers first, the girls ensured that their music video came with a built-in audience.

2. They got their friends to promote the music video.

On Erika’s channel, the girls uploaded a video called “Team 10 Reacts To Powerful Emotions.” Fans of any member of Team 10 watched the video to see what their favorites thought of the new song. The video got more than a quarter million views within an hour of being uploaded.

3. They released the music video before making the song available to stream.

The “Powerful Emotions” music video dropped on August 7 with “coming this week to Apple Music & Spotify” included in the description. By making the song available only on YouTube first, they increased the number of views as fans had to replay the video to listen to the song.

Tessa Brooks and Erika Costell’s new music video for “Powerful Emotions” got trending because the girls built up their social media followings first. Because their names carry influence on social media, millions of people clicked to see what Tessa and Erika were up to next.

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