How Rihanna Became A Music Superstar

Rihanna has been at the top of the music game for more than ten years. With so many new artists rising and falling from the charts every single day, Rihanna has built the kind of career that many could only dream of.

Here’s how Rihanna became a music superstar.

1. She moved away from her childhood home to pursue a music career.

Rihanna grew up in Saint Michael, Barbados. She started singing when she was only seven, inspired by the reggae music she loved. Rihanna and two of her classmates formed a music group in 2003. Producer Evan Rogers discovered the girls in Barbados and brought Rihanna to the US to pursue a solo music career.

She officially moved to New York to live with Rogers and his wife after Jay-Z signed her to Def Jam Records.

2. She released her debut single in the summer.

Knowing that summer is one of the best times to release new music, Jay-Z chose “Pon de Replay” as Rihanna’s debut release. The song hit the top five in fifteen different countries. It became a major club hit in the US.

Her debut album debuted at number ten.

3. She changed her image with the release of her third album.

After a second successful album release, Rihanna decided that it was time for a change. Her third album redefined her style with up-tempo dance tracks. This album became the most successful of her first three releases.

The lead single “Umbrella” became Rihanna’s breakout hit.

Rihanna became a music superstar because she worked closely with producers who were dedicated to seeing her succeed. Her rise to the top proves that timing and risk-taking are key elements of musical success.

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